The Gallery

Welcome to my Gallery in Korsør, my hometown. I feel so lucky to be able to show my paintings in this beautiful 19th century building.

Perfect surroundings

Sometimes, living in a small town where things do not develop at a rapid pace is an advantage. This building/floor has been empty for many years, and I am lucky enough to have been allowed to use it for photographing my paintings from time to time.

Limited edition Posters

After many hours in the studio making sure the colors where 100% right my ´Limited Edition´ Posters are now finally online. The collection includes Arctic Green, Atlantic Blue and Sahara. So go and check them out!…. and choose your own favourite.


Meet my Tools. When I first started painting, my tools where very simple. A plastic cup, white canvas, some acrylic paint and a plastic spoon.

This color ♡

I am currently obsessed with this color which I did find difficult to name though. Couldn´t quite decide whether  it´s Mint, Turquoise, Jade or something completely else. Decided to call it Pale Mint. I think that covers them all.

Oman beach

Colors of Oman

Just imagine…..Rocky mountains, countless orange silky sand dunes, green ravines, palm trees and emerald green natural pools. And then – located on the peacock-blue sea. These are the colors of Oman.

Musing on blues

Oh hello blue! So many blue shades and I love them all. Indigo blue, powder blue, midnight blue, Ink blue, sky blue…I could go on. But today is not about decisions -it´s about inspiration only.

Souvenirs on the wall

It is no secret that our favourite summer place is Mallorca and this summer we went there for three weeks. I came across these beautiful baskets on a market in Palma and just had to bring them back home. I think they look so cool on top of the fireplace and they will now be there to remind me of summer, holiday and lazy afternoons during the dark winter months to come.

what do you see?

I have this painting at home and I always get a lot of comments about it. I often ask my guests what they see when looking at it and the answers I get are all different. Some see cold ice water, melting ice, earth seen from space, deep cape etc. Well….your mind is your only limit. What do you see?


Details of a painting. I never get tired of looking at these details. I have used several shades of blue and a bit of white in this piece.

Go with the flow

I always have an idea about the colorscape when I start on a painting. I start mixing the colors and sort of just go with the flow…. Let the colors take the lead.

Home Work

I have been looking for a new wall deco for my home office and finally I managed to make one myself. Being very much into green shades in my interior this new piece is just perfect. I have used green, grey and dusty blue shades in the painting and I love the tone-in-tone look.

A thing for blues

This summer I have had a thing for blue – especially the Cerulean blue. It makes me think of summertime, the ocean, warm summer breezes and lazy afternoons.


After several months of working in the studio the floor is covered with the most stunning color splash. Almost like a piece of art itself.

Somewhere in the forest

This piece was sold last month and is now hanging in a beautiful wooden house surrounded by forest. I love the coziness and simple interior, and it always makes me so happy to see my art in peoples private homes.


This summer our home was photographed for the danish magazine MAD & BOLIG (January 2019 issue). The photos where shot this summer and a lot has already changed since then.